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Container tracking superior data to improve your business

Our vision

Provide the most reliable up to date tracking information

Direct integrations

Direct integration with terminals and depots ensures that you benefit from the latest / most up to date tracking information.

Tracking milestones

CargoProbe provides tracking milestones for the entire trip of your shipment and continues after the ocean leg, all the way to the final destination.

Up2date terminals & depots

New terminals and depots are continuously added!
real-time tracking

Are you ready to use real time data to revolutionize your supply chain?

We can help you to track your containers in real-time and optimize your supply chain.

Our platform

CargoProbe Integrates everything!

CargoProbe integrates with any interface provided by carriers, ports, terminals and inland depots. Some examples of interfaces CargoProbe can integrate:

  • Custom API’s
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) messages
  • E-mail tracking services
  • Web extraction services
  • Custom defined interfaces – CargoProbe is able to ensure integration with minimal / no integration work from the data source provider

Real time tracking benefits

Global Container Visibility

Track your containers in real time. Receive
pro-active notifications on disruptions.
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Increased data accuracy

Leverage the most reliable data through direct integration with ports and terminals
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Reduced cost

Get notified when a container is ready for pick-up. Reduce demurrage and detention fees
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Automated tasks

All data in one location, no need to use spreadsheets or manually track your containers
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Fully cloud based

Easy to use cloud based platform available through a dashboard. Direct API access for integration into your systems
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