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Global Container Tracking

CargoProbe provides online, real-time information for your container shipments. CargoProbe combines data from shipping lines, vessel schedules, port community systems, terminals and (empty) depots to provide a real-time overview of your container shipment.

CargoProbe obtains data directly from the planners in logistics and can therefore provide superior tracking data. Although CargoProbe uses AI / machine learning, we believe that data obtained directly from the people who actually plan logistics, is even more accurate.


CargoProbe provides detailed information on your shipments movements such as “loaded on vessel”, “discharged” or “ready for pick-up”. For all these moves, CargoProbe provides an Estimated Time (ETA) and an Actual Time (ATA).

Additionally, CargoProbe provides arrival to anchorage & berth for you shipments. CargoProbe interfaces directly with multiple port community systems to provide the most up to date Vessel arrival information.

CargoProbe provides the real-time location of the ship carrying your container and visualizes this live on a map.

CargoProbe provides the ability to configure custom e-mail notifications based on events for your container movement.

CargoProbe interfaces directly with terminals to provide notifications such as “Customs-hold”, “Terminal-hold” and “Commercial-hold”. Additionally, CargoProbe can collect the “Ready for pickup” notification directly from a terminal.

CargoProbe track & trace continues after vessel discharge! CargoProbe provides milestones for the entire trip of your shipment, all the way to the “Gate in Empty” milestone that can be directly sourced from your empty depot.

Examples of data that can be provided:

Vessel Berth Estimate & Actual

Vessel Arrival Estimate & Actual

Container Available (Ready for Pick-up)

Terminal Appointment Time

Customs Clear Notifications

Gate Out Full - "End demurrage"

Gate In Empty - “End detention”

Standardized Milestones


We offer a wide range of features

CargoProbe track & trace
Direct integration with ports, terminals, and depots
Standardized milestones for all carriers, ports, terminals & depots
API Integration with your systems
Vessel schedules & vessel arrival data based on port planning
Dashboard access
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